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Past Public Education Courses

About Public Education Course

Past Public Education Courses

As a non-profitable organization, it is self-evident that the HAB should be involved in education matter for general public. 
The HAB initiated the "Public Education Course" in 2003, regarding the medical treatment of various diseases annually. The topics in the past courses are listed in the Table. The Education Committee selected the topic every year, and the physician and the researcher in drug industry who are most appropriate for the topic are invited to give lecture from the clinical and pharmaceutical view points, respectively. The course extremely benefits public to learn the updated knowledge of diseases and pharmaceutical treatment.

Date Main Theme
1st (Feb. 23, 2003) Dementia Senile: Alzheimer disease
2nd (May 30, 2003) Usefulness of human biomaterials for research purpose
3rd (Feb. 28, 2004) Adult disease, Hyperlipidemia
4th (May 19, 2004) Personalized Medicine
5th (Feb. 19, 2005) Herbal Medicine
6th (May 20, 2005) Diabetes Mellitus
7th (Oct. 30, 2005) Heart disease
8th (May 19, 2006) Asthma
9th (Nov. 19, 2006) Osteoporosis
10th (May 19, 2007) Large intestine cancer
11st (Nov. 17, 2007) Hypertension
12nd (May 17, 2008) Chronic kidney disease (CKD)
13rd (Nov. 1, 2008) Brain stroke
14th (May 23, 2009) Lower urinary tract disease
15th (Oct. 31, 2009) Breast cancer
16th (May 22, 2010) Influenza
17th (Oct. 23, 2010) Eye disease
18th (May 21, 2011) Depression
19th (Oct. 29, 2011) Rheumatoid disease
20th (May 19, 2012) Lung Cancer
21st (Oct. 13, 2012) Diabetes Mellitus
22nd (May 18, 2013) Liver disease
23rd (Oct. 19, 2013) Dementia Senile
24th (May 17, 2014) Vaccine Preventable Diseases
25th (Oct. 18, 2014) Low back pain
26th (June. 27, 2015) Large intestine disease, enterobacterial flora
27th (Oct. 31, 2015) The fatigue prevention
28th (May. 28, 2016) Sleep science
29th (Nov. 26, 2016) The sudden death
30th (June. 3, 2017) Pancreatic cancer

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